Install tvOS beta profile over-the-air

I use the following process to install tvOS beta profiles onto my Apple TV without having to connect it to my laptop.

  1. Download the tvOS configuration profile from the Apple Developer website
  2. Move the file to a webserver that is reachable by the Apple TV
  3. On the Apple TV, go to Settings -> General -> Privacy and just highlight the Share Apple TV Analytics menu item.
  4. Press the Play/Pause button on the Apple TV remote
  5. Click Add Profile
  6. Type in the URL of the profile on the webserver
  7. Follow the prompts to install the beta profile
  8. Restart the Apple TV when prompted
  9. Go to System -> Software Updates -> Update Software to install the new tvOS update.Note: On at least one occasion, I have had to turn off Get Beta Updates in order to get the beta tvOS to install.


2018-06-04 ~dvd

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